why don’t butt plugs have any friends?

because they’re all stuck up assholes


"What do you want me to do?!"


Tina and Ray play BattleBlock Theater

THEY’RE REALLY GOOD THOUGH like star wars idk there’s nostalgia but i genuinely enjoy the story rewatching it! and there are lots of dumb jokes.. i lov. like it’s kinda trying to be serious but also rly its funny
That’s true. Still there’s always a thrill the first time you see a movie like Stars War or Indy.

yeah i really should watch them lol… i’ve always intended to, it’s just hard to sit down and do it after putting it off for so long

(and yeah the first trek movie is so so very slow. it has it’s moments, but at the same time yawN majorly)

wOOPS i wrote “trek” instead of “wars” by accident, am i even a real trekkie, do they take my fandom card away for this

……………..nicole… you should really get on that
O_O you should… those


yeah probably

You can still watch them and experience them like everyone else.

yeah of course, but i also can’t really experience them like everyone else. you love some movies just because you grew up on them and they mean a lot to you. like, i love the back to the future movies so much more than i would’ve if i had never seen it before and just watched them for the first time now. star wars especially is basically a movie that’s been overhyped to me for my entire life lmfao

guys i’ve never seen any of the indiana jones movies, or any of the star wars movies

Oh, you should totally read the books then! I highly recommend them. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but from what I read, fans seem to be pretty happy with it. Then again, if you didn’t like the movie, you may not like the books.

oh i’m sure i’d like the books, dystopian YA novels are my absolute jam. i just think the movie itself was very “ok”. like i enjoyed it enough while i was watching it, but i probably won’t ever re-watch it and i probably wouldn’t particularly recommend it to anyone. if they make the rest of the series i’ll go see them, but more for do’b than for the movie itself lol

idk you’ll probably have a really different experience, i know when i see movies of books i’ve read i always have a reall different experience than people who haven’t read them. i’d be interested to see how you found the movie

Have you read the book?

no, i haven’t. also i didnt know it was a series and not just a single book until it got to the end of the movie and very blatantly set up for a sequel lol

saw the maze runner tonight

the movie itself i could really take or leave

but i just sat there being a proud mama bear the whole time

our baby did so good

Michael Jones + Vine






there should be an avengers tv show but it should be filmed and executed like parks and rec