RWBY + RTAH References

Track Title: Ryan The Gnome Guy

Artist: Achievement Hunter

Ryan’s past gets weirder, from the “Seven Days To Die” LP (x)

guess who’s at the library

getting nothing done

Michael sharing his beer with Geoff [x]

House of Black | Astronomical Names  » print available

After heavy demand, here is the video for Dylan O’Brien at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

Track Title: Where Is My Mind?

Artist: Pixies

Album: Surfer Rosa


Surfer Rosa  |  1988

Track Title: geoff and gavin's gay talk

Artist: let's build-halo ctf


Geoff talking about not having a problem with kissing the AH crew for 5000 a month…I couldn’t decide what to cut so i’ll just download the whole 5 minute…. gay as dicks conversation.

ok but, here is my response to what gavin said about michael:


Anonymous asked: "Who/what is your icon?"

who my icon is is lydia martin from teen wolf as played by holland roden

what my icon is is the light of my life, the queen of my heart

i bought a dress that’s all just hang-y and low-waisted and my mom was like “i dont like it, it makes you look shapeless” which is mom code for you look fat

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GO! #40 (x)

ok but i just got my eyebrows done and she did such a good job

can we talk about how on point they are right now